Thursday, 7 November 2013

Perfect at home ombré with a twist!

Hi! How are you?  So for the past while I have been really wanting to do the whole dip dye I have tried it before with the at home loreal dip dye and it just didn't work.  Oh you would think after trying it the first time and my hair just going a horrible orange colour that I would never do it again...ah well I did.  I know I am weird...the bleach must have went to my head, and not in the way I wanted it too.

I have read on blogs about doing something like this yourself and I know that if you are naturally dark (like me) that it can obviously make your hair turn burnt orange.  That you should be patient use a toner and buy purple shampoo and all that there...but I am just not that patient, when I do my hair I want it to be perfect there and then don't you? So after dying my hair back to brown again I left it and vowed I am never going to attempt blonde in my hair again myself, il just save up and treat myself to a salon job.

Then I got to hair extensions where dying on  me so I had to take a trip into town to treat myself to some new silky I thought hold a minute why don't I try buying a set that has blonde and kind of make a dip dye effect without having to actually having to dye my hair,? Light bulb moment!!!!  I went for it, not knowing it would work and just picked a colour that had browns and blondes through it so it was subtle but still give me that lighter at the bottom look!

The result?? I am in love with my new hair!! And it was a lot cheaper than paying for a dye in the salon! I just wanted to share this as I know a lot of you reading this are in the exact same position, we all want to change it up a little and this I think is a perfect alternative! Here is a photo once I got them home and curled them so as the blend a little better, below are some pictures to show you the resullt!!

Comment below and let me know what you think of my new do! Have you ever tried the at home ombre? If you decide to try this quick fix let me know how it turns out!?

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