Monday, 1 April 2013

1930s style bangs!

I have been fighting with myself for a we while now about whether to cut my bangs again because i love how they can frame your face if done right, even though after a while i will probably wish i hadn't. I took to the shears and just went for it!! Its so easy to cut your bangs yourself without having to pay £5 or more every few weeks.

I wont do a whole tutorial on how to because there are loads of great videos and step by steps out there, just search on google!!

This time for me was different though i didn't want the usual blunt straight fringe i wanted them purposely so i could curl them!! yep, curly bangs are the cutest thing i have seen and i love all things vintage and the 1930's-40s styles for women where to die for and so classy!!

I actually got the idea and what pushed me to get the chop was watching The Mummy yesterday! Rachel Weisz's hair is so beautiful in the movie and i fell in love with her curly bangs!! 

The Outcome!!

Just get small curling tongs thin enough to give a nice bouncy ringlet in your hair.

Curl your whole head, then just brush out the curls with a flat brush preferably one that has both bristles and plastic spokes i always use a grooming brush you can find these in Boots!

I just took my fringe in 6 or more different sections so that the curl would be bouncier and sit better rather than one huge curl!

I'm so pleased with how it looks! If you want to try something a little different and are tired of the normal boring old bangs give it a go! :)

Thanks for reading!

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