Monday, 3 February 2014

Max factor 3in1 foundation: Review

So it was quite a busy month for me in January, which is why i haven't been posting much...where does the time go?  Usually i am unwinding from the hustle and bustle of the festive season and am pretty much a bore...i haven't even done that much sale grabbing (yes... i am ashamed).  There has been so much on and so much still to come so I am looking forward to 2014!!

I am always jumping back and forth between foundations, i love Estee lauder but it is quite on the pricey side so il switch them up a bit to make my absolute favourite ones last that little bit longer.  Here is my view on the Max Factor Face Finity 3 in 1 foundation...

Behind the scenes...

Max factor has always surprised me, in the sense that what you get for all the price it costs is quite good...Infinity 3 in 1, which is concealer foundation and powder all in one little bottle...which reminded me a little of the double wear when i tried a bit on my hand, its meant to have a similar effect and last all day. I started off reaching for the Warm almond, its a nice enough colour and matches me pretty well especially when i am paler. Then i tried the Beige which is what i have on now (i usually suit beige/ivory tones more), its just a little bit darker... very subtle so warms me up that bit more.


I am very pleased i must say, it gives you the right amount of coverage without making you look 1 dimensional or flat/ fat faced like the double wear can do if you don't do a little contouring (which is an amazing trick btw). It applies really easy and i find it goes on well with fingers or a brush ( i never use sponges, i don't know why but i never liked them).


It has a foundationy..powdery kinda smell, if that makes any sense?? It smells ok, i wouldnt say i love the smell of this foundation but it doesnt bother at the same it fades after it drys in a little so all is good in the world again (phew)!


I am very impressed with the tones and shades of it, it doesn't make you look too pale in photos, it keeps the colour quite well, which i have learned that if a make up has an SPF in it, if you get a photo taken it doesnt pick up the pigment as well...apparently anyway. They only have ..... to choose from but i think it makes it easier to choose, you will be sure to find one that suits your skin tone!


The coverage is pretty damn good and drys in to a powder finish but not too much, if anyone has ever tried hourglass power foundation it dried me out wayyy to much, but this stays pretty moisturising at the same time as giving you a powder finish, i will say it will move a little trough the day and i do find i have to touch up my nose and chin, however this is nothing major and the bottle lasts me ages.

Much love

Caitriona xx


  1. We have no way of getting Max Factor here in Canada. Shame, because I always here such great things about it.

    Dejhana | Waite a Little

    1. aw, order on ebay or sephora might have it? they have some great products! xx

    2. its the exact same one as the cover girl 3in1 foundation. they don't sell max factor on sephora

      Stephanie's Look -Inglot giveaway running!

  2. I never got on with any Max Factor products so I won't be using this but from your review is sound really nice. <3

  3. Great review
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  4. very very nice my dear!!!! beautiful!!!

  5. i really enjoy your blog so far and was wondering if you would love to follow each other? Do let me know :) xo

  6. Great review!! I just found your blog and really like it! Would you like to follow each other to stay in touch? Let me know, thanks :) xx

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  8. I was thinking about trying this foundation, I have spoken well of it and now that I read your post I think I have to try it.

    I follow you from now not to miss any of your blog. I invite you to go through mine and if you like can follow.

    By the way just published a post on makeup bases lol.

    A kiss from Spain.

    1. aw thats great it a good backup foundation for sure!! xx

  9. Lovely blog post and blog aswell! would love for you to take a look at mine, its based on fashion and lifestyle! It would mean soo much! :)

  10. Lovely blog and nice post!!

    I love the foundedation of Estee lauder, but you're right it's expensive..

    X Chris