Friday, 25 April 2014

Beauty Ramblings

I hope you are well and feeling fine!  My skin these days has finally started looking radiant and smooth and youthful (can I say that? even though im 27 in a few weeks? *eiiieh*.  So I thought id have a little update on my skin routine and some new beauty products i’ve tried that have helped me love my skin again.

Whats new??
REN Mayblossom cleansing gel
I have used REN on and off for years, but in the winter my skin was becoming really dry and my makeup wasn’t nice at all, but of course instead of me realising maybe I need to use a more gentle cleanser no no no…no… Caitirona goes and buys about £60 worth of different foundations thinking that would magically fix my flakey face…it didn't! I started using the REN cleanser and immediately noticed a difference! It’s amazing what this stuff does, it hardly foams up so I know it’s gentle and does an amazing job when used with a face/muslin cloth on my combination skin!
*used along with the REN T zone balancing gel cream my skin feels soft like a baby’s bum!
By Terry
Hydra powder…I love you I do!  This is the nicest lightest smokiest loose powder I have used (so far).  I only need the smallest amount and there is suddenly a cloud of smoke above my head! It sets my makeup perfectly and leaves my skin soft and smooth unlike some powders which can leave me with more unwanted dry patches.

WEI's pomegranate buffing beads are my little miracle, If you have not tired these yet you need to put on your running shoes and go to your nearest store and buy them...or just buy them here! They really are little miracle workers, you put a sachet into your hand and mix with a little bit of your cleanser and Voilà! a gentle exfoliator and my skin not only feels softer but looks clearer and tone more even!
B Pure
Micellar water...this product i bought to try as a toner, its does help freshen my skin and literally feels and smells like water...i thought they where having me on at first and just filled the bottle up with tap water... but i do see where they are going with this one!  Helps to reduce impurities in a single sweep without being harsh on your skin, with cucumber juice extract to refresh, restores PH balance.

The oldies...
This moisturiser is a miracle worker; if I have really dry skin anywhere...on my face or my body… Aveeno cream is the bottle I reach for! Especially if I want to put something on my face at night time, as it’s got no fragrance or anything that irritates me or clogs up my skin.

Top secret: when I take my eye makeup of I don’t use a cotton pad, I simply put some eye makeup remover on your fingertip and gentle massage the eyes, then remove with warm water before using my cleanser, this way my eyelashes don’t fall out as much and are so much fuller and longer: I have been using BOOTS fragrance free one for years now, never lets me down is gentle and does its job for under £2!

Thanks for reading, please let me know if there are any products you have tried lately that have changed the way you see your skin!


  1. this is the first time I came across someone writing on Ren! I've gotten a few samples from Ren & I'm so far loving them :))

    1. It's great! I don't know why I didn't go back to it sooner. My skin is healed every night :) xx

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