Saturday, 17 November 2012

Christmas Market

So today was the day the Christmas market opened in Belfast city centre! and as usual it was bloody packed..we literally waked through just to have a nosy..and got a hot dog on the way.. ;)

The market is always so pretty and full of culture you just have to go in at least once just so you can say you saw it!! One of my favorite stalls is the leather one..unfortunately i couldn't get to today but i'l hopefully pop in again sometime next week.  The purses and wallets are just so quirky, most man made and i love the smell of leather!!

yummy in my tummy caramel cappuccino!! I just sat by myself watching everyone go about their lives! I do this sometimes just take it all in.. I'l see an old couple holding hands it just makes me smile, i think people are so much more warm and lifted near Christmas time, its definitely my favorite time of year what about you??

Everyone is so lovely and pleasant at this time of year and nearly ever stall i walked past the owners where wishing customers a very merry christmas!! ahhh i love this time of year :D

 Loads of naughtly little treat stalls!! its like candy land and Santas workshop all at the same time... I resisted the urge for a huge chocolate bun.... *moving on*....

I met my friend for some bubbles in Café Vaudville.  This bar is so cute and quirky and when you walk in would remind you of a top class bar/café you would find in the buzzing streets of New York, there is a great buzz about the place.

Jumper/ H&M
Jeans/ Zara
Leather Ankle Boots with wooden heel/ New Look
Bag/ Ebay

Enjoy your saturday!! <3

Monday, 12 November 2012

Dusk till Dawn

 where ever we live dont appreciate that we hve some beutiful scenery and marvelous architecture..Belfast is one of those citys, so when i have some free time of work and i get into town i find myself looking up. Looking in the smaller places, because i feel that is where the heart is...

Good Morning

Good afternoon

Im baaack!!

Well. Again i feel i have been neglecting this blog alooot when i really want to keep it going..just got lazy with it i guess. Hopefully what i post is interesting enough that if i stick with it il get sone followers soon!! :)

Yestersay was a lovely day at my papas for dinner. We had homemade chinese..and it was to die for!!! Then i just had to try on my step mothers cosy are these things??!!!

Have a great monday!! ♡