Thursday, 28 November 2013

Revlon Colourstay: eyeshadow review

Hey lovelies.  I was in Superdrug the other day doing my usual picking this up putting things down..i don't need it...but i want it routine!  I love brown smokey eyes, and its something i always go for because i think with brown eyes it really brings them out.  I was having a look at some different quads and this Revlon Colourstay really caught my eye.  It has the perfect mix of nudes and browns and makes me feel very festive!

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Skincare: evening routine

Hello lovely people! I hope you are all having a good week! I actually can not believe its nearly Thursday already!! (eek) I have an exciting and busy weekend ahead so i can not wait to share it with you!  Today's post i thought i would do my evening skincare routine.  Its no secret that i have tried hundreds of different products, trying to find the perfect soap, cleanser, moisturiser eye name it.. so that i can be one of those people who say "oh yeah ive been using the same products for the last 10 years no need to change".

Let me tell you i have spent a lot of money trying to get my skin the best ingredients so it wont hate me any more. acne i have had for the last 2 years or so and its really depressing..yes it really is, i think a lot of people who think ahh sure you can cover it with make up blah blah but when you know what it looks like underneath..its sore irritated it can really effect your mood, it got me down big time.  Only very recently (i say with a whisper because its one of those things once you say it you jinx it so..sssshhh) has it cleared up...through ALOT of trials...i tried everything...and i mean everything!

1. Johnsons Face Care Extra Sensitive-make up be gone: I never usually use cleansing wipes because every time i try a different brand its the same stings my face, even when i get sensitive.  I saw the Johnsons range and they have loads of different types than any other brand I've seen.  So i grabbed extra sensitive to be sure.  They are so soft and really do get rid of your make up really well, and it didn't sting the bake of me(yay..happy dance)!

2. Dead Sea Black Mud Mask Soap: When i read about African black soap it just sounded delicious i had to try it, i love anything that's all natural anyway and this is all from the dead sea, i searched on google and found this on the boots website and was surprised it is only £3.75! I called in and got the last one i couldn't wait to get home and wash my face.  I smells amazing! It says to leave on for 3-4 minutes as a mask then rinse with warm water.  I usually massage in then give my face a good exfoliate with a muslin cloth or face cloth and then apply again to leave as the mask for maybe 5-10 minutes.  I drys like a mask would only you can't see it, then once i rinse my face is literally squeaky clean.  I have been using it for about 4 weeks now and the difference in my skin is radical! I would recommend this to anyone.  There is also mineral soap and sulphur for those who want less/more depending on what you need for your skin.

3. Caudalie Beauty Elixir: This is a new addition to my routine, i have only used it once so far and i already am hooked.  The mint and orange smell is just to die for and the story of how it exists intrigued me, i love things with a history behind it.  This is an ancient remedy from the 17th century used by Queen Isabelle of Hungary and is known as "elixir of youth".  It smooths the skin tightens pores and gives the complexion a boost of far it does exactly what it says on the tin.

3. Elemental Herbology Eye Elixir Cream: This is another new addition, I have recently started using eye cream for the preventative measures..noticing a few more laughter lines ya know... elemental is another big brand favorite of mine, its natural and smells gorgeous too.  This morning my eyes did feel and look a little brighter so hopefully it will do its job.

I'm off to wash my face now...what are your bedtime skincare rituals? let me know in the comments if there are any i am missing!

Love and kisses

C xx

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Sunday Snapshots

Hey everyone! So i have had some new ideas for my blog, now introducing Sunday snapshots taken on my Samsung S3.  Just a few photos of stuff that i'm doing during the day, things that took my interest etc.  Today i met my granny, mammy and aunt for some coffee (and of course shopping...oops).  Let me know if this is a post i you think i should do again? hope you enjoy..i love taking pictures! x

How did you spend your sunday?  Have a good week!

Love xx

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Weekend: In pictures, November

HI! I hope you are all having a lovely weekend so far!!?? This morning i had a few errands to run so i was quite the busy bee and had to get up pretty early (on a Saturday gggrrrr).  The up side though! I got a new scarf from Zara, i saw it online and called in to the shop to have a look and oh my, its sooo soft and cosy i had to buy it, i love the colour too...mustard is very much a a popular colour for me at this time of year! Heres my day in pictures...

My guilty pleasure...Zara

 A Cheetah leaf...ha

Guilty Pleasure no.2...buns!!!

What i wore...

Jacket: Zara
Boots: Office
Scarf: Zara (here)
Jeans: Topshop  (here)

The end of a long day...

Hope you enjoyed this post! What did you get up to this weekend?

Love C xx

Friday, 15 November 2013

My top 6 beauty products this season!

Hi lovelies! How are you? Well i am so glad its the weekend...puh...!

I decided to put together a list of my favorite items from October and just this time of year in general!
It was going to be "Top 5 products"...but i really couldn't choose between 2 so i just threw the other one in the words of Mrs Doyle "Ahhhh go-annnn...Ya will"!

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Falling for fall

This has to be my favorite time of year, when the leaves dramatically change colour, the crisp air and its at that point now where its just getting that little bit colder but not quite winter yet!

ooohh that feeling when you can get into that cosy jumper, wrap up in hats and scarves and big woolly coats, autumn is also a big boost for fashion too don't you think? there are so much more layers and outfits to put together, although its a good excuse to stay in doors, put those cosy socks on have a hot cup of chocolate and get stuck into some movie marathons...aaahhhhh...

All photos from: Tumblr,
Whats your favorite season? thanks for reading!
Love x

Monday, 11 November 2013

Embellished Sunday

Hey! Hope you are well! Yesterday was quite a gorgeous day in Belfast, my fiancé and I decided to take a drive up the mountain on our way to my dad's to get a view shots.  I adore these Topshop high waisted  Jamie skinny jeans, they are super comfy and the perfect fit and colour!

I just bought these jeans the other day, they caught my eye across the shop, i absolutely love the colour of them..are you like me and always trying to find the perfect this the perfect that, these for me are the perfect blue jeans, i have to have high waisted because of my big bum (HA) so they are a lovely fit and ankle grazers so sit really well with heels or boots!

I just got these boots a few weeks ago...they are my new friends...super comfy! and are still 25% off!! i love the colour!

Bag: Primark
Jeans: Topshop
Boots: Debenhams (online)
Jacket: Primark
Sun glasses: H&M

Here are some snapshots of how i spent my Sunday, my dads wife and I cosied on the sofa and watched Elf, even though we could all act in it, its still has us in a wrinkle and is one of our all time favorite movies at this time of year!

Rocking my dad's jumper!

How did you spend your sunday!? Whats one of your favorite films at this time of year?

Love x

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Shopping, Baby's and wine oh my

Hey beautiful people! Today i met an old friend from school who had a little baby just 4 months ago, he is so cute a squishy! I just wanted to eat his cheeks!!!  I love baby's, and seeing baby John made me a little more broody than usual!

After i left my friend i went into Belfast city centre for a little (window) retail therapy...well saying that i bought a few things! check back tomorrow for my review on some of the products i bought!

I then my my handsome fiancé for dinner (and a sneaky glass of wine) in Muriel's bar/restaurant.  Its a quirky little bar, with underwear hanging from the ceiling, vintage pin up photos in the lady's bathroom and the best chicken pie in all of Belfast!


This is what i wore today:

Leather Jacket: Zara (you can find it here)
Trousers: Zara
Boots: Primark
Bag: Primark (similar here)
Jumper: H&M

Thanks for stopping by!
Love x