Saturday, 21 December 2013

The Winter Travel tag: style and essentials

We are heading to Manchester this year for Christmas.  It will be my first Christmas EVER away from home, and although i will feel strange and miss my family i am super excited and glad that Jack gets to spend it with his family :)

I decided to do a post on travel style and essentials as i haven't really found anything like this online so i hope its a useful post for you all for future reference.

I have always found it hard to pack sensibly, do you ever end up packing way too much or the wrong things and ending up in a tizzy thinking "why didn't i leave that and bring that...?"...well i am guilty!

I try to break it down first, being organised is something that is so important for me in most things i do, i like having everything ready so i can just relax! Take time before hand to plan ahead and sort out what the situation, place and weather will be.  I love this time of year, and definitely not because of the manic shopping and endless traffic jams and ques, but the festiveness, the time with family and giving and receiving gifts! I love the twinkle of all the lights and excuse to eat more chocolate, drink indulgent coffees and smell the sweet smells that come out of the oven ahhhh.

Pick your outfits

I try to pick what i know i will wear and maybe even a few times, with a plain white top you can never go wrong, it will go with just about anything, you can dress it up or down all just by changing your shoes!  I try to limit most things to three off.  Sometimes this isn't the case but it helps me realise the most sensible and important options, il usually start with what's on bottom, that way i can match up blouses tees and jumpers all to the same pair of jeans or skirt.


MID BLUE WASH JEANS FROM TOPSHOP, they are high waisted comfortable and go with everything.

BLACK STRETCH TROUSERS FROM ZARA which, i have like 5 pairs of because they are so handy and also go with anything (plus to leave room for the expanding belly of Christmas).

BLACK LEATHER SKIRT FROM H&M, this is a recent purchase and is a soft flexible material, will go perfect with ankle boots or heels for a night on the town.

Image: Pinterest

Trying to pick shoes can be a little harder because i wish i could bring them all with me ha! I am still deciding on this one but have narrowed it down slightly... :/

Don't pack too much

We will be staying with family so if things like extra shower gel, shampoo towels etc can all be left behind then i will.  I never end up using all the make up i bring with me so whatever i put on my face that morning before the flight is what il throw in my bag (along with a different eyeshadow if i need it).  I usually think too much and throw in all this other stuff i think i might want to use but never do, so just put it on and pack it away, check!


I have a lot of neck candy which, most of the time i never wear but i like to have the option, these three pieces are my favourites as they all look amazing with any kind of outfit and always add to those plain tops or jumpers.

Just one festive favourite perfume and that red lipstick is all i need.

Image: Pinterest

 Hand luggage

For this trip a basic large sized structured black handbag that has plenty of room and will do me the whole time so i don't have to faff about with trying to fit all these handbags into the suitcase (along with everything else).  I have a smaller camera to take with me on my travels, although the flash isn't as good as the bigger one its compact and doesn't take up my whole bag!

Last minute tips

I always try to put all my liquids into my check in luggage, if i am wearing my double wear foundation it stays on so no touch ups are needed which means its one less thing i have to worry about being in my handbag.

Usually i end up getting sick when flying, 90% of the time this happens!  So i always fly with paracetamol a scarf and tissues at the ready with plenty of water, the air con on the plane with that many people can not be good, so having them there just in case keeps my mind at ease.


We are going skiing next year so keep an eye out for the next travel tag! ;)

How do you plan your trips? Do you have any tips for travelling?

Thanks for reading

Love C


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  7. These are great tips! I travel a decent amount and have not yet gotten the hand of packing. I usually pack to much and not end up wanting to wear any of it. haha


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  18. This is a great list of tips! I think the hardest thing to pack is shoes! They take up so much space, but I don't want to wear the same pair of shoes over and over again while on a trip. I try to stuff my shoes full of other items to maximize their space. Happy new year!

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