Sunday, 8 May 2016

Review: Eylure Brow Pencil in Mid Brown Nø 20

So lets talk eyebrows, as we all know, our brows these days are just as important as mascara! It means so much to us if we can get them perfect at least 3 times a week right? Because if you are like me there are days that i just don't have the patience and will be walking out the door talking to my eyebrows like they try to sabotage me on purpose "why? why do you do this to me?".  Anyway, enough of the dramatics and back to this post.

For a long time i have stuck with the same brow pencil from the B. range from Superdrug in shade done me, i always liked the colour and it suited my natural brow colour perfectly (as i am quite dark naturally, putting a dark brown pencil on top of my natural brows just made me look like i stuck my face in a coal bucket..). Until, one rainy day i ran out and when i went to buy a new one, they where sold out!!!

After about an hour and a thousand swatches of brow pencils later, i finally settled on the Eylure pencil in Mid Brown number 20.  I fell in love with the true brown shade and the slightly waxy finish. 

It is so easy to work with even more than the B. pencil and the brush is twisty wire brush rather than the comb style brush that most pencils have which leaves a beautiful natural finish (see swatch  and finish below).

I will definitely be buying this pencil again and i think this will be my new go to pencil, and for less than £6  i am a super happy girl with amazing eyebrows! POW! At least i think so anyway ;)

You can find this brow pencil here! and at Superdrug.  Let me know if you have tried this brand or any others you can recommend to me.

Thanks for reading.

Saturday, 3 October 2015

Current Beauty Favourites

I have been away for a while...but all for a good reason! I got married!! On the 8th of September 2015 i married my soul mate and best friend in the whole world!  So the past year has been busy focusing on planning, table arrangements, cakes, flowers and everything else that comes along with what definitely was the best day of my life so far! 

I am back with my current beauty faves at the minute.  I have been glued to all my favourite and some new blogs (including Hellooctober, icovetthee, Sazan) looking for new products to try and i wanted to see if anyone else is going mad for the same lipstick as me.

For the longest time i have been obsessed with lipstick queen, and today is no different, in any shade, but my mains are the silky reds that give your lips colour but keep them a little shiny at the same time...kind of like a lipstick lip gloss mix.  

Makeup Forever HD: shade 120, Y245
Nars concealer: Vanilla
Nars Dual Blush: Frenzy
Hourglass: Dim light
Lipstickqueen: Sunny Rouge
Kiko Mascara: Black

Another gem is the Hourglass dim light, this miracle powder uses a special formula to blur out pores and wrinkles! it really does the trick!  I apply this to my under eyes and T zone are mainly, i also can use this to set my concealer if i am pushed for time on days where I am running out the door with one shoe one...(no really... this actually happened).

Makeup forever HD i think most people have tried, it is the perfect balance of shade and colour to match your skin tone and look amazing in photos! I also like to mix this with my double wear (just a tiny tiny bit) to cool down the pinky tones that i think is in all shades no matter if it is cool warm or neutral.  

Nars...thats all i have to say.  Love it love it love it! the concealer lasts me for ever, the shade i use is vanilla to highlight at the same time.  My new favourite blush is the dual intensity in Frenzy, it has a peachy blush colour and a gold shimmer so you can glam up your cheeks!

Last on my list is a new discovery while on our honeymoon.  Verona... the beautiful little city opened my eyes to some new brands and Kiko is like Christmas and birthdays all at once!  The products are pretty damn awesome and super reasonable in price.  I picked up this Volumizing and Lengthening Mascara for just €7.95!!! It works wonders, i would say it has a similar brush to the Benefit they're real mascara and isn't far off the finish either.

What is your favourites at the minute?

Feels good to be back!
Thanks for reading :)

Once we receive the final edits of our wedding photos i will do a little post on our magical day... so look out for that!!

Friday, 25 April 2014

Beauty Ramblings

I hope you are well and feeling fine!  My skin these days has finally started looking radiant and smooth and youthful (can I say that? even though im 27 in a few weeks? *eiiieh*.  So I thought id have a little update on my skin routine and some new beauty products i’ve tried that have helped me love my skin again.