Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Double Wear Foundation by Estée Lauder

Hi everyone! Happy hump day.  I have wanted to do a review on this foundation for a while now so i am excited to finally be getting round to it!  I have been using +Estee Lauder Double wear foundation since summer this year and i have to say im in love! Once again i was on the hunt for the perfect foundation for a while, up until the beginning of this year i always used Laura Mercier silk creme foundation, which i still love to this day!  Nowhere else have i found a foundation that gives as good coverage and the best colours and finish you could find in a foundation...but! i wanted something that gave me coverage but also didnt move all day!

I finally found it, 100% in all honesty this foundation does not move all day...ok so if you blow your nose a few times or eat a big burger you might have to touch up round the nose or mouth etc, apart from that it stays put (WOOWAH)..

If you are wondering does it not cake or feel heavy on? the answer is no! its light and silky yet gives you a smooth powdery finish at the same time.

In terms of the colour/shade i went for?
First off i got Ecru, mainly because when i went into the shop the girl matched me and gave me a little tester pot to try out before i bought, which, can i just say the girls on the estée lauder counter are so friendly and helpful!  I did like this colour, however i started to notice that in certain light or pictures in daylight my face looked a little too washed out!

So i then went back to Boots and explained this to the girl on the counter and she matched me then to 1W2 Sand and told me that i couldn't really go any darker than that, i was happy enough and bought it there and then!  I really couldn't be happier with this foundation, it lasts me ages as i don't even put it in my bag any more because i don't need to touch up all day, so its really good value for money and only costs £29!


So incase you are like me and look at in the case of this foundation think what does that mean??? and just think its a random number and dont think anymore of it!  Its actually pretty important:

W= warm tones, more yellow
C= Cool tones, more peachy
N= is neutral tone

As long as you know what colour suits you (as you know best at the end of the day) keep this in mind, in my case i prefer warmer tones as anything else just washes me out and wont sit well, it just took me a while to figure this out and i can't believe i didn't realise it before, its makes a big difference!
Picture taken at then end of the day!

I hope this helped? if there is anything else you would like to know about this foundation just ask away!

Thanks for stopping by!
Love C x


  1. Thanks! Glad you like it :)

    Caitriona x

  2. That's my fav foundation eveeeer! But a little expensive, I like Photoready by Revlon too :)

    Of course I wanna follow each other, your blog is great!!
    I'm following u now, hope u follow back:)

    1. Yes iam!I love experimenting with new makeup, il have to give that a try!!


  3. love estee lauder... and its results!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Here you have my last blog post’s link in BLOG.THE.DREAMS.COM kisses!

  4. the've got the best stuff ever , specially their lip sticks are awesome !!!

    Followed u sweetie with GFC & BLOGLOVIN , Wanna follow me back .>>???


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    1. Aw thank you honey..its not perfect esp at the time of the month :s but i do try to look after it really well. Im actually going to do a post on my night time routine and a new soap that i love very soon :) X

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  7. Absolutely loving your blog! Thanks for the comment on my blog ! Happily follow you !

    Ps hope you don't mind me asking but what skin type are you? Been debating whether to try this foundation out or not ... I think you've given me the nudge in the right direction!

    Nicky :) xx

    1. Ofcourse not ask anything! My skin is pretty combination...sometimes can be more dry sometimes more oily its all depends on the products i use to wash and moisturise really. E.g i cant put moisturiser on at night and thy say you shouldnt to let skin breqthe so i only put a mist on then apply a moisturiser in the morning and its usually fine..this makeup ia unreal i cant believe how good it is. Just go in they will give u a tester pot to try it before u buy anyway and u can see if u like it :) xx