Friday, 15 November 2013

My top 6 beauty products this season!

Hi lovelies! How are you? Well i am so glad its the weekend...puh...!

I decided to put together a list of my favorite items from October and just this time of year in general!
It was going to be "Top 5 products"...but i really couldn't choose between 2 so i just threw the other one in the words of Mrs Doyle "Ahhhh go-annnn...Ya will"!


I love anything with Vanilla, so when i smelled this in Space NK i had to have it, it still has that comforting, clean, sweet yet spicy aroma that you get with Vanilla perfumes but with its own personality and is a perfect alternative!


Liquid eye liner is precious any time of year, but i thinks its at its most elegant in these colder months, just because of the rosiness in our cheeks, the autumn colours and most of us probably wear more rich browns and a smokey eye (if you don't anyway that is).  This collection 2000 eye liner i have only started using as there was a 3 for 2 offer in Boots when i was getting a couple of other things so i thought id try it, i usually go for Bourjois but i thought id give it a go and its easy to apply and stays on me well (although i think i would go back to Bourjois).  Liquid eye liner is a must though!


This tinted moisturisers is the Queen of all tinted moisturisers.  I tried at least 10 different brands going back and forth sometimes thinking..ah sure maybe it will be ok this time...NO! Every single one dried me out, was a horrible result, patchy and looked to unnatural or didn't really smell that good.  The first time i put this on i fell in love, it smells of rich coco chocolate, it nourishes really really well and its a perfect natural healthy sun kissed finish and it comes out the next morning.  i usually put it on at night after a shower so that i have a little tan the next day (which im just out of the shower and if i do say so myself i smell goooood haha).  It drys in pretty quick too, leaving you to sit and sniff yourself...oooh laa laa! ;).  Be sure to give this a try you will love it, i have already converted at least 5 people!


Bourjois is one of my fav brands for makeup, it think its meant to be chanel (someone told me this) only its cheaper packaging but really good quality! 34 Rose is my all time favorite blusher, it gives a lovely bashful colour to your cheeks to make you look like you you have a beautiful natural rosy glow! ( YOU CAN SEE THIS ON MY CHEEKS IN MY LAST POST HERE)

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Nars is one of my favorite make up choices, simply because of the quality and range they offer in their products...they seem to get it right every time with shades and colours etc. This Red Square Lipstick they sell is one of my go to lippys and you can tell by the picture i use it a lot! Its my go to for most outfits as it suits almost any one i put on that day, if i don't know what lippy to wear... if all else fails this one saves the day! It dry's in also, so stays on longer but without drying your lips out!


No woman should ever leave the house without a lip balm in their handbag!  I am sure you will agree they are life savers, especially for this time of year because the cold weather can really affect our kissable lips so moisturising them is as important as any other part of our bodies! I just recently bought the Palmers one as i spotted it in Superdrug and was a really good price!  I love it, i don't need to apply it as much as i would with other lip balms i have tried in the past, and also like the body moisturiser its smells (and tastes) delicious!

What are some of your top picks this season? Have you tried any of mine?

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    1. Thank you! Every woman needs their favs definately!! Xx

  2. Your blog photos are so cute! I love every products you recommend! <3
    I have followed your blog. Hope you can follow me back as well, Thanks! :D

    1. Thank you doll! I will follow you back sure! :)


  3. The lip balm is fab! Smells so edible too x