Sunday, 24 November 2013

Snapshots: Cabaret and Cocktails

Hi everyone! So the weekend was quite a busy one.  On Friday night i went to the Cabaret in AMPM in Belfast, it was our second time going and i was so excited because it is a lot of fun! My cheeks be sore from laughing, my voice sore from cheering and my legs from dancing.  The performers always make your night special and include you in every act! If you are ever in Belfast you have to give this show and dinner combo a try!

My beautiful Mama.

 Truly Scrumptious singing B-O-O-B-S!

 Its raining men...Truly Scrumptious and Cherry on Top..

Butternut squash Risotto 

 Finale... White Christmas

On Saturday i met up with a friend i hadn't seen i a long time, we went to RBG Bar and Grill in Belfast for some food and a few drinks, i love the décor in this bar it gives you the feel of dining in New York in the heart of it all, then we went on to a few other great spots in Belfast city centre and met up with a few more friends.  We had so much fun catching up and talking about the past!  We realised how old we are once we got a few drinks in (puh...can not do it like i used to haha).  I loved seeing her again and we are definitely going to make more of an effort to keep in touch.

Today being Sunday is family day, i love spending time with my little brother and chilling out with my papa in the kitchen and talking make up and all things girly with my daddys wife.  We had a tastey festive dinner and a hot cuppa with some yummy mint chocolate cheesecake for dessert (CHOCOLATE)!

What did you get up to this weekend? Anything nice? I am now exhausted and going to have a nice hot bath and get my things ready for the long week ahead and look forward to the weekend again!

Love you all

C xx


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