Saturday, 30 March 2013

Cold spring

Coat; Topshop
Jeans: Topshop
Boots: Office
Bag: ebay
Scarf: h&m

Have just realised it is 2.30am!!!im sitting here with a hot cup of water while my fiancé is saving the world (virtually that is).  I completely forgot the clocks went forward and i am sitting here thinking ah..sure it's only 1.30!! :-s I know!!! I'm crazy!!!...but any-who, here we go, my first outfit post in a good while!!nothin too exciting, i guess i have just been busy and getting on with things in daily life.  I know you should never start a sentence with But! So I started with ..I know you should never start a sentence..ha..not funny..I'm tired and feeling goofy.....

BUT..I want to give this blogging thing another go.  Who knows maybe il keep up to date and fall into the land of blog, or maybe il get lazy again and keep saying I want to but not actually doing anything (like a lot of things) !! I'm sure you can relate!?

Well I hope to try and build up some followers soon, and take time to explore some new blogs and see what's going on out there!! Please follow or comment and i will respond and return the favor.

Thank you to whoever takes the time to read this ...even though I'm babbling :) 

Slan! X

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