Sunday, 21 April 2013

Makeup favs

I loooooove doing my makeup like most girls. I thought i would do a post about my favorite peices in my makeup bag!

I love Nars and so i have a lot of it in my bag. The blusher which is named Outlaw is perfect for any occasion!! My all time favorite red lipstick (every girl should have one red lippy in their makeup bag ) is Funky Ruby By Terry brightens up any outfit! I use Nars sante fe foundation which is a medium shade and is perfect for my skin tone. It goes on with just the right amount of coverage. I like to keep my makeup as simple as possible day to day. Natural is always best!

Lastly i want to mention the mossiac bronze by Laura Mercier. I use this for my highligther, cheeks and to give a slight bronze on those dull areas. Its perfect!

Hope you liked this post :) x

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