Saturday, 11 January 2014

Winter Stripes

Hello beautiful people! I am soooooo cold right now.  We went to view a house today and where a little early so stopped off at one of Belfast's popular points Belfast Castle and i just can not get heat back into my body.  Its stunning, the view the grounds the castle itself but my dear frozen bum cheeks it was cold.

My dad used to take me there at the weekends when i was was a teeny bopper.  In the summer we would go for long walks and end up sliding down the muddy banks and ruin our clothes but it was all worth it especially for the memorys.  Then in the winter when it snowed we would join about 100 other people and go sleding down the huge grassy banks...its just one of those places.

Im so excited as finally we have started wedding planning and being up at the castle was giving us some great ideas...eeek!!!

Trying not to fall in the fountain

Time to go...

What i wore:

Leather Jacket: Zara
Jeans: Topshop
Top: Vintage
Boots: Primark
Snood: Primark

Hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend and keep warm!! 

Catriona x


  1. Replies
    1. thank you they go with everything i dont have them off me ha xx

  2. thank you they go with everything i dont have them off me ha xx

  3. Love the outfit! :))

  4. Love this beautiful outfit!
    Your blog is really interesting,I'm following you (:

  5. Great post!

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  8. Love the atmosphere in these photos! Congratulations on you two getting married! :) Would you like to follow each other on FB, Bloglovin and Google+? Let me know!

  9. it looks like such a gorgeous place, perfect backdrop for a wedding! Congratulations your engagment :)

    1. thank you doll, it is a lovely place! x