Sunday, 15 January 2012

White Stuff

I have been sick all week and havent had the energy to actually write that's why all the polyvore outfits, mainly something to just play around with :;)..boredem does kick in after a while. 

This post is about a little shop that i discovered in the centre of belfast.  Its a store thats been there for as long as i can remember but it keeps changing so i never used to pay much attention to it! 
So.. i called in one day last week (before all the coughing..) and its adorable! i mean its been all done up the main part is up stairs which is bigger than down...its almost as if downstairs is like a reception tease you for whats to come when you venture up stairs.  And...when you do its a treat...on the stairs them selves is like vintage wallpaper making its way up..along with mirrors of all shapes!

Once up, its mainly full of clothes, handbags and peices of jewellery, all very modern vintage but you will also find little trinkets and recepie books, slippers and not only is it cute but really well thought off with the till area being a huge mahogony desk, these with chest of drawers with things to buy in them also. 

It also has a cinema area! yes really!...its a little waiting type room (probably for the fellas and kids if they get bored) to wait on the lady to get her shopping fix! I love this :)

With that..this is my new favorite shop! :)

tea pots, biscuit tins and slippers... 

Hangover cure beside the easy cocktails book... 

Some unusual artwork

Go to their site and have a nosy! 

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