Saturday, 30 March 2013

Cold spring

Coat; Topshop
Jeans: Topshop
Boots: Office
Bag: ebay
Scarf: h&m

Have just realised it is 2.30am!!!im sitting here with a hot cup of water while my fiancé is saving the world (virtually that is).  I completely forgot the clocks went forward and i am sitting here thinking ah..sure it's only 1.30!! :-s I know!!! I'm crazy!!!...but any-who, here we go, my first outfit post in a good while!!nothin too exciting, i guess i have just been busy and getting on with things in daily life.  I know you should never start a sentence with But! So I started with ..I know you should never start a sentence..ha..not funny..I'm tired and feeling goofy.....

BUT..I want to give this blogging thing another go.  Who knows maybe il keep up to date and fall into the land of blog, or maybe il get lazy again and keep saying I want to but not actually doing anything (like a lot of things) !! I'm sure you can relate!?

Well I hope to try and build up some followers soon, and take time to explore some new blogs and see what's going on out there!! Please follow or comment and i will respond and return the favor.

Thank you to whoever takes the time to read this ...even though I'm babbling :) 

Slan! X

Friday, 29 March 2013

Your skin and winter weather


So for the last good few months I have been having really bad breakouts, I don't know if its because of what I'm eating, what products I'm it stress, is it a change in my blood..hormones...or even because I haven't seen the sun for at least 7 months!

God only knows!! So I have been trying everything under the non existent sun to see what helps and narrow down the cause.

Last year when I went on holiday the sun cleared it up brilliantly and I had hoped that was it...but came back with a vengeance..and ok don't get me wrong i can covered it up pretty well with makeup but I still know its there underneath and it can get you down!! Here's some of the thingsthe things I've tried from reading online and tips from friends and family:

No chocolate

Cutting down on sugary foods and sweet stuff does help to reduce the amount I did notice.


I have started yoga to help me relax as we can all stress out over even small things so its good to learn to control your breathing and is so good for extra blood flow to your head to help keep your skin and hair super healthy and glowing!!! So far so good I am really enjoying it as I need to tone up and get into shape anyway.


it's hard to remember to drink enough water everyday because there are those days where you maybe just don't feel like it. Barbara Currie recommends you drink at least 6 glasses a day. To remind myself I try and drink them with meals instead of coke or milk etc and il have a pint instead of a glass to double up!

Ice cube facial 

Tia Mowry uploaded a post on her site talking about this ice cube facial and I couldn't wait to try it!! It works wonders and you feel so fresh and rejuvenated after. This trick helps to promote blood flow and tighten up your pores so give it a go it really works!!!


The last thing i tried was changing my cleanser from mineral oil based to all natural ingredients, as i have found having combination skin though can become too oily.  So i tried the Purify and Soothe facial cleanser from Elemental Herbology.  I use this with a muslin cloth to gently exfoliate any dead skin cells away, it is like a mini facial for me and i always enjoy scrubbing my face at the end of the day!! Check back for my full review on this product and more from Elemental coming soon!!